Trade the Bucket List for a Schedule

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to no longer have a bucket list. It’s really to change my way of thinking. The truth is, concepts shape our attitudes and actions. Frankly, the “bucket list” seems more hurtful than helpful.

The biggest problem that I have with bucket lists is that it’s too vague. Check these items off before you die. When is that? You don’t know.

Because it’s vague, it’s unrealistic. If I don’t know when I’m going to check an item off the list, I’m probably not planning for it. If my items are big/far/expensive/difficult, then I’ll need a plan with measurable milestones. Once I know the true cost in time/money/effort/trade-off, priorities will change accordingly.

That’s the simple difference.

I no longer have an imaginary bucket list. I have an imaginary schedule.

Like all proper planning, I have short term, intermediate, and long term goals.

Doing things becomes a habit. You can either get used to doing the things you want to do, or you can get used to your daydreams never materializing.

If you’re like me, you have a limited attention span. Dreams unfulfilled have a cost. They keep us from new dreams, and new adventures.

A schedule helps to get in habit of doing things. Then, doing things will lead to other things that snowball into bigger things.



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